What is Picturk?

Picturk is an online service for running photography competitions

Why are you called Picturk?

A ‘turk’ is a piece of work that a human can perform much better than a computer. We think people are much better at taking photographs – and always will be – than computers. That’s why we called our company ‘Pic-turk’.

Can Picturk work with our camera existing website?

Yes, Picturk competitions can work with your existing website.

I would like to enter a competition running on your platform. How do I sign-in to Picturk?

Simply login using your pre-existing Flickr, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Accounts – no need to remember multiple user ID’s and passwords.

I don’t have a Flickr, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, or Yahoo! Account, how do I sign-in to picturk?

Thats OK, you can create a Picturk account which you can use to sign-in and take part.

Picturk is an online service, what’s an online service?

We host our application. We run the Picturk application on our own IT infrastructure which is especially designed and configured to run photography competitions. You get the benefits of a world class IT infrastructure without incurring the costs of a world class IT infrastructure.

How many Photographs can we upload?

That all depends on the competition you are entering. The competition organiser sets the limit on the number of images that can be entered in a competition

Can I keep track of my results?

Yes, the results from competitions are stored with your entry. You'll be able to sign in and view your photo's and the judges marks and comments

Can Judges judge competitions?

Yes, we’ve made it really easy for judges to score photographs and provide feedback.

Can I see past competitions?

Yes, you can look at past competitions. You can look at, and learn from, judges and members feedback.

Can I see my photographs in one place on Picturk?

Yes. We create a page just for you where you can see all the images you've entered in competitions on Picturk.

I don’t like some of the comments I’ve received, can I delete them?

Contact us and we will delete them on your behalf. We moderate comments and we don't allow anything we consider hurtful or offensive.

Are there limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?

There is a 8 MB per file limit for users. We just accept jpg / jpeg at this time – let us know if you would like to start uploading RAW files. We advise you to save the file in sRGB format.

What are the maximum and minimum dimensions of photographs that can be uploaded into Picturk?

The competition organiser sets the maximum and minimum dimensions of photographs that the Picturk will accept. For example, a competition organiser can tell Picturk to only accept images that are 1024 pixels along the longest side.

Can picturk re-size my images for me?

We re-size the original to create thumbnails from your upload – but we don’t resize the original. We recommend that you to upload photographs at the maximum dimensions size that the competition accepts.

What is compression? Should I compress my photographs before uploading them?

Compression can damage the quality of your photographs. Compressing a photograph reduces the file size. It will be faster to upload, and also a faster download for anyone you choose to share the original file with. We strongly recommend you compress the videos you upload to Vimeo. You'll be able to upload more videos that way!